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or Larry Matthews has a knack for creating believable, realistic characters in very unusual circumstances."

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"Rifle" is as riveting as Matthews' Dave Haggard thrillers. This biography gathers the twin momentum of story and character as we watch one man's service to his country consume his willingness to be involved in life. It's a high price for any dedicated soldier to pay." Amazon reviewer


This interview was conducted at the Creatures, Crimes & Creativity Conference near Baltimore.
It's about the Dave Haggard Thrillers.

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"Larry Matthews is a great story teller." Amazon reviewer
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"From the opening lines, Larry Matthews' novel, Butterfly Knife, grabs the reader's attention with a style reminiscent of the forefathers of the genre, Chandler, Hammett and Cain with the type of sharp wording, crisp dialogue and vivid descriptions that flow easy like a smooth Tennessee whiskey then kicks you in the throat when you least expect it. Bravo!" Amazon reviewer

Brass Knuckles packs a serious punch. The 2nd book in the Dave Haggard series grabs your attention within the first couple of pages. Matthews does an excellent job of story telling with an engaging and likeable cast of characters, while weaving twists and turns throughout every page. Dave Haggard is a true hero for the ages, who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. You will not be able to put this book down. I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series and really hope that I will be reading about Haggard the truth seeker for many years to come.